Online Completion SEI Testimonials

Our new Online Completion Course has gotten outstanding reviews! As a mirror of our in-person course, this online class gives each participant 60 research-based strategies that they can take back and use with their students tomorrow. Use the strategy with our content, then download a clean copy for your classroom! It’s that easy!

Here is what people are saying about our online SEI course:

“I loved this Online Completion Course! Educational Training Specialists is the best. I researched quite few and am happy I took this course. I have been teaching for 30 years and have a bachelors and two masters so I have taken a lot of classes. This is one of the most practical Online Completion Course I have ever taken. It has helped me to understand the needs of my English Learners more than any class I have taken, and I am already using the course content in my planning. I also like the fact that the instructor was so efficient in grading and making content within a day’s time. It was amazing!” Judy Sickel

“This was a wonderful Online Completion Course. I generally prefer to attend class but due to my schedule this was not possible. I was pleased with the content and the tools provided. The class was set up for us to do learning activities using the tools provided for our ELL students. What a great idea to help us see firsthand how much they help and support learning.” Stacie Chittester

“I really enjoyed the online SEI 45 hour class offered from Educational Training Specialists. I found the subject matter relevant to the student population I teach and I was able to immediately incorporate the lessons and concepts covered into my teaching. Thank you ETS!” Music Director, Mesa

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class. The material was engaging and the assignments allowed for practical applications and a chance to practice a learned strategy in the classroom. Having the class online was easy to access and complete.” Theresa Samuelian


“I was really concerned that I would not be able to find the time to take this course. It was a pleasant surprise that I could do a little bit every now and then and that I received feedback almost instantly. I felt like the information I received was something I could use in my classroom and will plan to use some of the strategies this coming year.” Kristin Bienvenue, Dysart Schools

“Don’t stop sharing strategies! They are so helpful and illustrate key points so well. My only other experience was with a traditional online class at a major university. There is no comparison in terms of what I have gained. Your course is so hands-on and practical. I can use what you presented. The other course was a slow struggle through theory and report writing and responding to classmates’ personal experiences (not much strategy sharing, as we did in your class). For this class, I had wanted to do an SEI workshop as workshops are usually practical and hands-on but couldn’t manage the timing. Your course is remarkably ‘workshop like’….thanks for that!” Sandra Laidlaw

“Great Course! Great Activities! Great Instructor!” Sabrina Bhatt, Science Teacher, Cambridge Coordinator, Imagine Prep Coolidge

“This course was just what the AZ Department of Education ordered: A 3 credit course in SEI that was packed full of information, self-paced, easy to follow, varied in activities, and honestly, fun. I learned so much! I just went to lunch with a fellow educator (who had previously received SEI training) and spouted what I had learned. When I finally came up for air, she commented, ‘Well, aren’t you sounding intelligent?’ That is the best compliment a teacher can receive.” Jody Lamb, Dysart

“The user interface was very easy to navigate, and I was impressed with how quick and easy I could access every part of the class. But what really made this training great was that I could sign-up any time of year, and my class came with a very personable facilitator that was eager to help, quick to grade, and excited to answer any questions along the way.” Tim Ingold, Buena High School

“This SEI course from Educational Training Specialists was a great experience! It’s exactly designed along the principle that ‘education CAN be fun!’ I highly recommend this course to ALL teachers who wish to polish their existing skills and learn some great ready-to-use ideas.” Asif Ahmed

“I learned a lot from this online SEI course. The classes were fun and rather simple but I still felt like I learned so much and can take a lot of this with me and use it in the future!” Kaylen Gerkey, RSD Charter High Schools

“I highly recommend this class! It was comprehensive, easy to learn, and allowed me to go at my pace and according to my availability.” Adam Thome

“I honestly enjoyed this class (how many people can say that?!) for the following reasons:
1. I loved being able to go at my own pace. Sometimes weeks went by without my working on the course; other times, I’d accomplish several modules in one day.
2. The activities and information were truly relevant! I hate a class that “wastes my time.” This one didn’t even remotely do that!
3. Ms. Wells, our teacher was great. She was always quick to get back to questions, and she graded in a timely manner. She was always friendly, helpful and professional.” Deb Mitchell, Chandler High School, Chandler Unified School District

“Educational Training Specialists was very helpful and engaging, which I thought was awesome being that it was online. The instructors provide immediate feedback and are very helpful in answering any questions a long the way.” Heather Delgado, Mesa District

“The Online Completion Course was great and let me work at my own pace. It provided me with many teaching tools that can be adapted to any grade level or subject area.” Jake Ciesielczyk, Tolleson Union High School District

“This Online Completion Course will provide you with strategies, techniques, and templates that every teacher can use in their classroom immediately! Some of the material is, thankfully, familiar to me, and I gained confidence that my teaching skills are right on track! Thank you Anne Swigard and Schoology, Inc!” Karen Fisher formerly 4th grade, Humboldt Elementary School, Humboldt Unified School District

“This was a very positive and efficient process. I’d recommend this Online Completion Course to others.” Susan Hagemann

“This Online Completion Course has helped me understand the many needs of ELLs in the classroom. This course gave many ideas and ways to help these students out. I was able to use several of these ideas already and I have had great success with each one. My students have even commented on how much they like these activities. They told me they’re doing things they haven’t done before and it’s thanks to this course! I will definitely continue to use all of these wonderful ideas for not only my ELL students, but all of them! I was given a greater understanding of what ELL students have to go through and I was given so many ways to help them out.” Juliana Brahs,Valley Vista High School, Surprise, AZ

“This Online Completion Course was very informative and very user friendly. After moving from out of state to take a new job, the tasks before me seemed daunting. To properly set up a new classroom and to adapt to a new school system, to study for and to pass two state professional exams, and to take this 45 hour SEI course…well, it could have been a bit stressful! But, it was not. I looked forward to each lesson and found the reading material to be rich and valuable. Thank you for a great course!” Susan Baker