45 hour SEI Completion Course Testimonials

Want to take the most reviewed SEI course in Arizona?  Read our 45 hour SEI Completion Course testimonials, then sign up for the SEI Completion 45-Hour Course.

“I learned lots of great strategies to use in my classroom! Thank you!” Alisa Smith, Imagine, Coolidge

“Excellent course. Many effective strategies can be utilized right away in the classroom to benefit all students.” Jason Geller, Maxwell Middle School

“Fantastic training! So glad I came to it.” Kathleen McDermand, hoping to find a job soon

“I am excited to incorporate all the fabulous strategies I learned throughout the four days of instruction. I really appreciated the enthusiasm and tone of our instructor. She really made the time enjoyable and worthwhile.” Alexis Bryant, Westwind Preparatory

“They did a great job. Dynamic and well prepared. I had a good time. Thanks.” Judith Stringer, Cartwright School District

“Being new to Arizona and not knowing much about SEI, this class offers great ideas and knowledge about how to make all students succeed.” Heather N. Godspeed

“Taking SEI classes made me more confident to do more cooperative learning strategies in math. All the strategies are very interesting, very interactive and they are doable.” Lourdes G. Ferrer, Ajo High School

“Excellent class! I definitely picked up some ideas for my classes. Invaluable information and activities! Ayn Harris was the instructor and was excellent.” Ed Honda, Buena High School

“There are lots of practical, useful teaching strategies on the course. The instructor knew what she was doing and helped us understand how to use the material by linking to her own experiences. I will definitely use what I’ve learned in my classroom.” Louise Shumway, Snowflake Junior High (7th grade, Language Arts)

“I didn’t know what to do when I found out I had to take SEI. I got my degree in Wisconsin and had no idea what SEI was. Luckily I found out about this class through Google. This class was way more than what I expected and really gave me a wealth of knowledge for ELL students and for regular English-speaking students. Thank you.” Patricia Peterson, Arizona Compass Preparatory School

“Even after 15 years of teaching and lots of great professional development, I learned so many useful, fun and engaging activities. I can’t wait to use them In my classroom! The activities bring a hands-on approach to higher level thinking which will definitely help in implementing common core standards and helping all students achieve success.” Christine Hares, Odyssey Preparatory Academy

“This was a great class! I wasn’t looking forward to spending two weekends in “school,” but Jennifer made the time fly by keeping it engaging and relevant!” Kelly Fitzmaurice, Sun Valley Charter School

“Jen was awesome! She had you intrigued the entire time. I thought this class was going to be a waste of time, but I definitely learned something!” Jillan F.

“As a new teacher, this class was really helpful. I loved all of the ideas to use in the classroom.” Jill C.

“I must tell you my first impression was: why am I here? I found any reason to justify this was a waste of my time. By the end of the course, I realized how important and necessary this class really is and the great teaching tools to make me successful. Most important, to make my students successful!” Herb Williams, Cavit

“Lots of hands-on activities! I will definitely use some of the techniques in my classroom. The instructor was energetic and extremely helpful.” Kristin Schultz, Gila Vista, Yuma, AZ

“This course gave me real classroom strategies that work for all levels of students and I plan on implementing them ASAP! I would recommend this course through ETS, LLC to my colleagues.” Kaitlyn Rave, Imagine, Cortez Park

“I really enjoyed this class considering the horror stories I had heard about SEI. Jen was thorough and hands-on with content, which easily applied to multiple subject areas. Great job and thanks. Everything I learned today will be utilized to challenge and meet the learning styles of all my students.” James H. Ford

“Great class. I liked all the cooperative learning.” Hobie Blackhorn, Red Mesa High School

“I was originally trained as a secondary teacher and that is what I currently hold a degree in. This class helped me with many elementary activities. I will certainly use them in my classroom as I teach fifth grade. Miranda Propheter, Archway Classical Academy at Chandler Preparatory Academy

“This class is very interactive! I learned a lot about strategies and other cultures while getting to interact with other educators!” Rebecca Kowal, Imagine Preparatory, Coolidge

“This class gave me an excellent foundation for working with my students from different cultures. Thanks.” Christian Paulson, Casa Grande Union High School

“The teacher was amazing, making this course painless. The class offered many new ideas that I can incorporate.” Nicole Thompson, Agua Caliente

“This class is packed full of useful strategies that are generic enough that any teacher, regardless of content or age, can adapt to create a fun interactive, engaging learning environment. The instructor is patient, informative, and fun with lots of energy! Great job! Awesome fun!” Kelly J. O’Brien, Sonoran Science Academy, Davis-Monthan

“If you enjoy getting up from your seat and learning activities that can be applied to ELL, general ed., or special ed. students, this class is for you. I look forward to incorporating the activities in class.” Annabel Rodriguez-Travesso, to be determined

“The teacher was great. She made learning fun.” Athelyn Daniel, Arizona State University

“Fun, engaging, and enlightening method for learning about ELL, and developing and enhancing our toolbox to meet all of their academic needs.” Tina Prewitt, Sierra Middle School

“Very enjoyable learning environment! Fun activities that I will definitely use.” Ashley Martin, Cholla High School

“This was great! Several great ideas for the entire classroom, especially my ELL students.” Hayley Fox, Sahuarita Intermediate School

“I learned so much! I learned about so many new activities and approaches I can use in the classroom. I’m really glad I took the course and would recommend it to all teachers.” Sarah Martinez, Metro AAS High School

“The lessons learned in this class are completely applicable to my classroom. Clear and concise activities that help all language learners. I have a clear knowledge of what is expected of me as a teacher for SEI students.” Kimberly Yamamoto, Camp Verde High School

“The hands-on activities were much more fun and memorable than taking the same kind of course online.” Julia Warinewycz, Diamondback Elementary

“I am a better teacher as a result of this class. Jennifer Wells is a quintessential teacher. Spectacular experience.” Jane Kay, Rancho Solano

“Such a fun instructor! Her activities were fun and engaging. I learned a lot, too.” Heather Ramsey, M.C. Cash Elementary

“Great course instructor… great stories!” Wendy Ziegler, American Leadership Academy

“Melissa did a great job keeping the activities fresh and interactive. The amount of quality and cooperative learning activities made the time pass quickly.” Danielle Clinton, Ray Borane Middle School, Douglas Unified School District

“I was wait-listed for this class as well as another class just to be safe. I am very happy that I got into the class at the last minute. I learned A LOT! Finally, I know ways to include ELL even more in PE class.” Tara Armstead, Cottonwood Elementary

“Was not looking forward to doing this, but it was great! Our trainer was interesting, fun, and very professional. The activities were illuminating and relevant.” Valeria A. Norborg, private tutor

“I had a wonderful time learning new strategies and making new friends.” Lauren, Kingman Unified School District #20

“Within the first week, I used strategies the next day in my classroom and have planned out how to use others this school year!” Christina Brown, Griffin Foundation

“Love being able to discuss and try out strategies in a real people environment!” Christine Rowlan, Canyon Spring, DVUSD

“I loved the cooperative learning activities and strategies that I learned. I will borrow many of those ideas.” Erik Earl, Galveston Elementary

“Finally, a class that shows what to do instead of telling what to do!” Kristen Taylor, Imagine East Mesa

“As a fifth-grade teacher, I am constantly looking for new cooperative learning activities. Throughout the duration of this SEI, I’ve already implemented some of the ways to get my kids up and attentive. I’m so glad I didn’t take the online class!” Natalie Schulz, Vista del Sur Traditional School

“I learned so many wonderful strategies I can implement into the classroom right away. The instructor was very informative, helpful, and knowledgeable.” Elizabeth Sacco, Glenn F. Burton, Glendale Elementary School District

“As a foreign teacher, this course is very helpful to me because it gave me strategies to make my math topics more interesting to teach and learn.” Angie Hernandez, Douglas

“For a state-mandated class, Melissa Fox did a great job at making the time go by fast with lots of activities and cultural insight.” James Ball, Mingus Union High School

“I was not looking forward to SEI. I figured it was going to be four long days of bookwork and lecture. But let me tell you what a surprise this class has been! I have learned so many new strategies. And what made it even better was we actually had the opportunity to demonstrate these strategies. This class was awesome, and I would totally recommend it.” Erin Sullivan, Central High School

“The engagement activities will be extremely useful in my classroom.” Sharyl Kuehnert, Abia Judd Elementary School

“A great class that allows all people to move around.” Robert Odecki, Garcia Elementary School

“I love all the hands-on activities and group work. It helps us meet new people, expand our comfort zone, and hear different perspectives.” Colin Poe

“Working in the groups was beneficial. We got to know one another from different school districts. The diversity of the groups allowed us to learn about one another.” Thomas War, Verrado High School

“This was much better than an online course. The instructor was organized and made the time fly. I learned far more than I expected and the materials will be used for all my classes. This was a great experience.” Jane Smuts, Arizona Cultural Academy

“The set-up of this class enabled me to complete my initial SEI training quickly and with the great benefit of being able to interact with other teachers in person.” Heather Ruthowski, Thunderbolt Middle School

“This course was a great opportunity to learn the required information in a fun, cooperative environment.” Nicole Renio, Chandler Unified School District

“Anne Swigard’s SEI class is a refreshing source of tools that any teacher can use to improve learning in the class.” Daniel Farmer, Fees Middle School, Tempe

“Very relevant, effective strategies were taught. Great insight into ELL effective education as well as solid teaching practices for all students.” Heather Meaux, Pioneer Elementary School, Gilbert

“This course was a fun and effective way for me to earn my SEI endorsement. Way better than sitting in a classroom!” Annessa L. Stabler, St. Michael Indian School

“It was nice to be around others in the same field and mingle from group to group when doing activities. Even though it’s only a four-day course, you got to know people.” Bethany Black, American Leadership Academy

“Through this company, from experienced and knowledgeable instructors, I have learned multiple strategies and activities that will not only benefit my ELL students, but will also assist with all of my students so that they can be successful.” Megan McHugh, Cartwright School District

“I took this completion SEI with another college prior to my augmented class with you. This class was so much more fun and interactive. I walked away with so many tools and strategies. In fact, I am planning to take my completion class over with your company, because I know it will so much more than I ever got out of my first class. I’m willing to spend the money. It will be well worth it!” Monica Burrows, Pima County Joint Technical Education District – Central Campus

“The training is engaging and the strategies can be easily implemented even in a mainstream classroom.” Elizabeth Carrasco, Sunnyside High School

“This program was helpful in providing opportunities to learn and practice good teaching strategies for all my students, but especially for ELL students.” David Maciborski, Immaculate Heart High School

“This class has given me practice strategies and activities to use every day in the classroom, no matter what the course or grade level. Highly recommended!” L. Nicole McGannon, Pueblo del Sol Elementary

“The 45 SEI course has been very worthwhile, and I’m glad to complete the course.” Koletta Saddleback, Ha:sañ Preparatory & Leadership School

“I had a great learning experience! Everything is valuable when expanding the students’ performance. I am looking forward to making a great difference behind the desk this year. Kudos!” St. Balatbat, Rice Elementary

“The instructor is amazing, and the course content is very good, too. It is very interesting.” Deepthi Manubolu, Prospective Teacher

“I am thankful there is a course available to fit my schedule.” Angie L. Espenson, Desert Christian School

“I signed up for credit and realized how helpful this information can be!” John Pulla, Pima County Joint Technical Education District

“This is a great training! It was dynamic and impressive content. I have already signed up for the completion course. Enthusiastic instructor!” Rosa Maria Mendez, Sacred Heart School, Nogales, Arizona

“This class was energetic, and the teacher made sitting through a dreadful professional development fun.” Janell Hudson, Saddleback Elementary

“I have been in both the 15- and 45-hour trainings, and I have learned so much from each! The instructors were professional and engaged us through the hands-on practice of many strategies/activities to help ELL students in our classrooms. I’ve enjoyed the courses and have already begun adding the strategies I’ve learned to my curriculum. Thank you!” Kim Cox, Surprise Elementary, Dysart School District

“For the people who enjoy learning through cooperative learning—having a class with Johanna is the one to take. Due to the structure and fast-moving pace of the class, these mandatory 45 hours were quite educational and enjoyable.” Dorothea Snirk, Cave Creek Unified School District

“The course is activity-based, and students get a chance to practice all of the activities and strategies taught.” Carol Spress, St. Vincent de Paul

“Of all the workshops and classes I’ve ever taken, this class gave me more material and activities I can really use. The classroom connections was invaluable and helped me see how I can really apply the strategies for my students.” Jodi Chesbro, Bates Elementary

“An invaluable course. Such a wealth of practices—practices that are congruent with education today! Thrilled to return to the classroom with more tools on the tool belt!” Patrick Bass, Camelback High School

“This was truly a great way to learn about implementing S.E.I. strategies in the classroom. The best part is the fact that you can use all the strategies even if you do not have ELLs in your classroom.” Dana Pittman, Arts Academy

“Fun! Gave me ideas for my class.” June Thidus, Anthem, DVUSD

“Taking this course with colleagues who experience working with ESL students in the city was awesome. I learned a lot from the class discussion. The instructor was very knowledgeable about how we could help ESL kids. Coming from the Navajo reservation, I was able to connect these situations to children in my community.” Veronica Yazzi, Tonalea Day School

“I liked the fast-moving, hands-on activities that you can use in your classroom right away!” Laurie Fouts, Kyrene de las Manitas

“You’ve made this class an enjoyable activity! Thank you for allowing us to work together and be creative!” Colleen Gentry, Kyrene de la Esperanza

“I’ve used many of the strategies with my class and my students are very engaged and excited!” Amanda Davis, Esperanza

“Being an art teacher, I often take classes that are not a “good fit.” This class presented strategies that I can actually utilize in the art classroom.” Janet Keller, Kyrene de la Mirada Elementary

“Terrific class with innovative ideas! Learn how to act it out or draw it!” Gayle Rapier, Kyrene de la Esperanza Elementary

“Most mandatory classes aren’t particularly useful or interesting. This SEI course was direct and helpful for understanding the challenges these students face and how to better assist them in life.” Daryl Werkman, ALA Queen Creek

“Instructor was well-informed and enthusiastic during all the sessions. Variety of activities allowed the days to go by quickly. All schools/school districts have ELL students and this is a beneficial course for all teachers who are not ESL certified.” Susan Rosano, School District of Philadelphia

“Thank you! This course has reiterated helpful strategies to teach all learners.” Angela Smalley, Hurley Ranch Elementary, LIESD

“This was extremely rewarding. I cannot believe how much I thought I knew and how much I actually learned.” Bill Smith, Isaac School District

“I have never been so engaged in any teacher training before this class. I have always been one to dread going to professional development classes. Teresa had us wanting to learn more strategies for our classrooms from day 1. Thank you Anne for developing this class and giving us an alternative way to learn what would otherwise be a long, draw-out training session.” Becki Major, Salpointe Catholic High School

“I would recommend this class to anyone! I learned so much during this course. I can’t wait to use all of these great techniques in my own classroom.” Karen Boerup

“I was the only building level administrator in the group and all the activities gave me the opportunity to learn how to use the strategies, AND with such in-depth training I feel confident I can now train and retrain staff in appropriate strategies for ELLs. I can also incorporate what I have learned when evaluating teachers to ensure they are meeting not only teacher and state standards but also the ELP standards. As an administrator, I was also allowed to provide different perspectives on certain issues.” Victoria Pyfrom, retired educator applying for Arizona principal license

“Teresa was the best facilitator and definitely knew her SEI facts and knowledge. Most of the strategies that were addressed I could use or modify for my music classes—what I teach is steel drums, guitar, and piano.” Leslee Jonovich, Orangedale Junior High Prep Academy

“Teresa was a great instructor! I wish I knew these strategies when I first started teaching! This course was the most helpful class I have taken in a long time. This class teaches you strategies that are just good teaching!” Angel Ali, Desert Willow Elementary

“Not only was this a great class, very interactive and useful material, but I met some nice people and made a few key contacts. Met a principal in the district where I’m trying to get a job. Have subbed in her school and hopefully it leads to an interview” Lynne Montgomery, Higley Unified School District

“This was a fun and informative class that kept me engaged and inspired me to be the teacher I’ve always wanted to be—I now have the resources to do so. Thank you!” Danielle Cozadd, WUSD

“As a veteran teacher, I have experienced many continuing ed. classes. This class was hands-on engaging, fun, fast paced! I made new friends, gained knowledge and ready to use ideas. I have told all my friends and colleagues to take this class. I’m looking for more classes to take! Jane is amazing!” Char Martin, Pioneer Elementary

“It was great to be able to collaborate with other educators. The activities were not only fun, but I received lots of good “stuff” to take back to my classroom. The class was my kind of class—you can have fun and learn at the same time. Thanks for a wonderful time! Well worth it. So glad I didn’t do it online.” Lowell Kuecker, Liberty School District #25

“Both instructors for the 2 SEI classes I’ve taken were both professional, timely, energetic, and great facilitators of their respective classes!” Cara Jones, former educator at Cocopah Middle School, Scottsdale

“I loved all of the hands-on and activities and greater tools we received with this class. I would recommend it to others!” Jami Stone, Country Meadows—Peoria School District

“I really appreciated the integration of meaningful activities we could use in our classroom with the content we needed to cover for this class. As a busy teacher and parent, it was worth the money to not have homework or tests to study for.” Laura Jacoby, Montessori Charter School of Flagstaff

“Professional, caring teachers not only help you to see the world through the eyes of an ELL student but actually give you usable strategies for all students. This class is incredibly fun and interactive!” Rebecca Hammer

“I loved the active learning this class involved. It is actually how we should teach our students. Very practical information!” Kerry Compston, Keystone Montessori (sub)

“Excellent class. Much fun!” Linda Laucus, D.O.C., Arizona

“Love the fact that there is no outside work to be done.” C. Todd, CMS

“High energy and good information to integrate in the classes of multi-culture in Burlington, VT, where I am currently.” Carol Blakely, formerly Wickenburg Schools

“Thank you! So much better than the online course.” Cathleen Patterson, Second Mesa Day School

“This 3-weekend class is very insightful. The catch phrase “bring a pencil and a big smile” is true, and I’m very happy to have attended this training.” Adrianne Tan, Harvest Prep Academy

“Fantastic training. Awesome instructor. Convenient venue from home. Nice people.” Arthur Tran, Harvest Preparatory Academy

“This class really helps bridge the gap of how to effectively implement SEI into classroom instruction.” Dale Strutzenberg, Canyon State Academy

“Jane is the most patient, flexible, and kind teacher. She gets down to the core of teaching all students efficiently, not just ELL. It is evident that she not only cares about student learning, but loves teaching and creating a world of learners (teachers and parents included). Two enthusiastic thumbs up.” Sarah Meyers, Ajo Unified School District

“This course was jam-packed with a lot of wonderful ready-to-use strategies that can be implemented tomorrow! As a speech pathologist, I am excited to gain some wonderful ideas for teaching ELL and language-delayed students with the awesome ideas learned in this class.” Eileen Marté, St. Mary—Basha Catholic School

“Jane was an excellent facilitator. She was efficient, on task, and helpful. Making this an interactive class, where we are engaged and active, allows an experience that could have been mundane and boring instead be enjoyable and useful.” Melissa Zavot, Ajo Unified School District

“Jane knows her stuff! I have learned many things that will help me help our ELL students. Jane is an awesome teacher! Thank you!” Tim Loge, Hamilton High School, Chandler

“This was a painless way to complete the SEI requirement. Though I won’t go so far as to say I looked forward to the class weekends, I can say I enjoyed it once I got there!” Catherine Woodall, Mesa Public Schools (preschool)

“2 thumbs up! What’s an online SEI course?” Kimberly Murphy, Desert Garden School

“Teresa was a great instructor! I wish I knew these strategies when I first started teaching! This course was the most helpful class I have taken in a long time. This class teaches you strategies that are just good teaching!” Angel Ali, Desert Willow Elementary

“With all of the painful SEI opportunities available to educators, this tuned out to be eth exception. It’s an absolute gem. I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues.” Angela Lewis, Higley Elementary and Middle School

“Jane is a great facilitator. The interaction, socialization, and sharing from all different walks of life was very helpful and insightful.” Dolores Ferro, J.L. Combs High School #44

“This class was great! Great discussions! Great strategies!” Josh Mattis

“This class was WISER! Well-instructed… Instructional… Safe (felt safe to express opinions)… Engaging… Responsive (with feedback).” Andy Findysz, Southwest Academy

“Loved the unit planning.” J. Santos, Imagine, Coolidge

“The materials we received are very useful! The activities were fun and engaging, which made the days fly by! I met so many great people from all over the country (and world!) This was a very memorable experience.” Anna Kofsky, Tombstone High School

“Awesome! Packed with info in a timely fashion.” Victor A. Felicioni III

“This sure beats the long articles you most often have to read. There is movement, fun, and high energy that make learning fun!” Tamara Thompson, n/a

“The SEI class was so informative and engaging! I recommend taking this class to learn multiple new strategies to teach ELL students, meet teachers, and learn cooperative learning techniques. I can’t wait to incorporate all the graphic organizers and Kagan strategies into my classroom.” Elizabeth Sacco, CTA-Goodman

“The bottom line is that it is impossible to get a greater and more outstanding SEI course than with the professionals at ETS. The in-depth, person-to-person, group-to-group energy and knowledge blows away any ‘online’ courses. You can’t beat six educators discussing SEI at the same time.” Bill Kemmeries, Tucson Charter School

“The most fun way to get your endorsement.” Gretchen Urdbin, Desert Garden Elementary

“There are many strategies this course provides that can be beneficial to both ELL students (of all levels) and regular education students. I feel better prepared to tackle the difficulties faced when trying to help those ELLs learn and, most importantly, feel comfortable.” Jade Paracuelles, Serilla West School

“This was one of the best SEI endorsement classes that I have taken. It is very engaging and provided me with more strategies for my struggling ELL students.” Tanya Arnold, Carl Hayden

“Johanna is the bomb-a!!” Shawna and Katie

“I found the course very useful and positive. I really enjoyed Johanna and think she did an excellent job of guiding the class! Even though the days were long and much material was covered, I truly feel I received information that will help me be a better teacher! Rubbing shoulders with other great teachers gave me a great lift and desire to do better in my own classes!” Kim Trickey, Round Valley High School

“I love the interactive activities and group discussions!” Carmen Feeny, Fountain Hill Charter School

“Great information! Johanna was excellent and kept the info fresh and flowing! Thank you.” Vernon Deans, Verrado High School

“I have learned more teaching strategies, for all students, in this 3-day course than I have in some of my Master’s program classes.” Ariel Roller, Metropolitan Arts Institute

“I had taken an SEI course before and did not find it as interesting nor informative as this class. Thank you! I loved it!” Della Nadine Kimball, Bennett Academy Charter School

“Thank you for all the excellent activities and ideas reinforcing best teaching practices. This was also a great opportunity to hear from colleagues in the field. The class was enjoyable and meaningful.” Dave Eckert, Pine Forest School

“Love the group interactions!” Haley Hult, Casa Grande Elementary

“A great way to get a handle on strategies that work with ELL students.” Dave Cech, North Canyon High School

“I loved this class—so much information and tools I can use in my classroom. Thank you so much.” Angelo Zuniga, Fairfax High School

“I enjoyed the class. It is a great place to fulfill our requirements as teachers and meet other great educators. The different teaching styles that you’re exposed to really broaden your knowledge. It was an extremely enjoyable experience.” Marco Moreno, Mission Academy High School

“I am so glad I chose to take this course instead of an online version. The activities are useful and this experience really helps you see things through the eyes of ELLs.” Kristina Martinez, Copper Canyon High School

“Hands-on activities!” Elise Hansen, Casa Verde/Desert Winds High School

“Teresa rocks this class! She is very organized in her approach to teaching the class. She made each day interesting and modeled each of the strategies she was teaching us. She had a positive attitude and kept the class energized and on task. I would like to take all of my classes from Teresa.” Janet Jacobson, John E. White Elementary

“ETS SEI completion course: I learned so many ways to enhance the motivations/learning atmosphere in my Special Education/ELL settings that I wish I could take this class again! A truly outstanding course—worth every minute. I looked forward to every day. The instructor was exceptional (Teresa).” Brian R. Fullerton, Special Education/Cross-categorical, K-12)

“This course is comprehensive, engaging, and so informative. Teresa shows such enthusiasm for the subject matter! The number of hands-on activities is amazing, and they can be taken back to the classroom and used immediately! I came away with a great understanding of how to help my ELL kiddos and my typical kiddos, too!” Sheila Wilson, Wilson, K-8

“This is an awesome training. I learned as many meaningful teaching strategies that would be very useful. Thank you! Teresa was an awesome facilitator!” Rufina Alcanto, Ajo Unified School District

“Prior to taking the SEI training offered by Educational Training Specialists, I dreaded six days of lackadaisical instruction on a tedious subject. Much to my surprise, our instructor not only brought passion and enthusiasm to the course, but ready-made, classroom strategies for ELL learners. Excellent job!” John Nixon, Maricopa High School

“Compared with the countless hours of work (and paper writing) that my other fellow teachers had to do for their SEI course, I had a 6-day, group work-oriented, no-fuss class that I really enjoyed. I wouldn’t suggest taking this class any other way.” Rachel Judge, Desert Canyon Middle School (SUSD)

“The training was much more enjoyable and useful than I had anticipated. I became friends with the other teachers, and the instructor was impressive. I’m thankful that the six days went quickly and smoothly.” David Price, Piñon Elementary

“Way better than online class. Far more beneficial, especially for new teachers.” Ashli Johns, Kellis High

“SEI is a lengthy subject to deal with. The atmosphere in this training class was informative yet relaxed. Johanna Callaway was an amazing leader!” Carolyn Leister, Discovery Elementary

“Course content good—helpful. Our instructor was exceptional! Made the class exciting and everyone feel comfortable. Such an outstanding facilitator!” Sarah Baird, University of the Cumberlands

“Fun activities. Busy the whole time. Effective learning. Way, way, way better than online classes!” Taralee Porter, Show Low High School

“When I signed up to take this class, I was unsure what to expect. Honestly, I just wanted to “get it over with.” However, within the first hour of class, I was excited to see that this would be an energetic, hands-on class with practical applications. The instructor was fantastic, and she had many personal stories that related to the content. Her multicultural experiences and her mixed nationality really made for some excellent real-world applications to scenarios I often see in the classroom. Bravo!” Carli Hebert, Higley Unified School District

“I gained so much insight and learned lots of great new strategies and tools to use in the treatment facility where I work. The class was engaging and moved along at a good pace.” Rhonda Edwards, Park Place

“I loved the class. I t was very informative and all of the activities very practical and useful. I met many other outstanding teachers and learned a lot about ELL learners. I highly recommend taking this course through Education Training Specialists.” Charlene Krishinsky, Saint Francis Xavier

“I found the class resourceful. Having had a revelation about SEI, which I now know SEI really is student empowerment or improvement.” Wayne T. Young, Tolleson Union High School

“The course provided excellent strategies to help the growth of ELL.” Brian E. Johnson, Lattie Coor School

“I thought that the content of this course was terrific! I put the strategies to use in my classroom as soon as I got back from my weekend classes and have had great response from my students.” Rebecca Bagnall, Gila Vista Junior High School

“The book filled with activities and ideas will be your go-to resource when lesson planning. I got more ideas from this class than any other class I’ve taken.” Ellen Kennedy, Desert Winds

“I took my first course from a community college. This one was so much more valuable. It was fun and informative! Thanks.” Amy Nichols, Fountain Hills High School

“I learned a lot of great strategies that will benefit all the students in my classroom. I appreciated the chance to learn with and from professionals from across the state. Thanks!” Amy Dolan, Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy, Prescott

“This course has provided me with the greatest amount of applicable teaching strategies of any class I’ve taken in the past. All levels of learners will benefit from these strategies.” Amy Nicoy

“Provides many activities and strategies that could suffer as “differentiated” instruction as well as supplemental strategies (IDEA) for special education—a great review!” Carnie Watalomigi, Hopi

“Book is one excellent resource tool!” Sally Selaya, Saguaro

“A great refresher course!” Jessica Tarner

“Yes—great especially Anne’s workshop. Will recommend to teachers. Keep up the good work! Thank you!” Norma Tisdel, Phoenix Union High School

“A very informative class; it was fast paced, but left me feeling confident.” Jessica Taigen, Leading Edge Academy

“Excellent teacher—Melissa Fox… excellent class—SEI/II/ESL. I will be able to use the notebook in my work. Thanks.” Jack Foster, retired superintendent (2011)

“The cooperative learning strategies are great! I have tried them in my high school match classes and students are really engaged. I often use the numbered heads, expert on jigsaw groups, incredible equations, and a lot more.” Lourdes G. Ferrer, Ajo High School

“The course gave to us a lot of very helpful and fun strategies. Kids will learn a lot with them and won’t get bored.” Edgardo Mojica, Monte Vista School

“I absolutely loved this class. I learned so much about engaging students in meaningful activities, lowering the affective filter, and meeting the needs of all learners—especially our ESL learners!” Danielle Carpenter, Horseshoe Trails

“I learned so many things and have many great strategies to use. I can’t wait to get a job teaching so I can use them!” Faith Ivory, Chandler Unified School District

“When I signed up for these classes, I was afraid they would be like most: boring, drab, and useless. I was wrong! I laughed, learned, and had a great time. Thanks.” Derrick Jefferson, Thunderbird High School

“This SEI course was fascinating and worth the time spent. I learned a variety of techniques to use in my culturally diverse school that every student will benefit from. Melissa, the instructor, was positive and knowledgeable. She got us moving and thinking ‘outside of the box’ and embraced all perspectives. I feel like a better teacher because of this class.” Heard Elementary School, Phoenix Elementary School District #1

“This is a fun and engaging way to complete the endorsement obligation while having a lot of fun and learning a LOT, LOT, LOT of activities you can immediately implement into your classroom regardless of the grade level or content for all kids, not just ELLs. Polly ROCKS!”  Terrie Phillips, Alhambra High School

“Our class was as advertised… bring a smile and a pencil. I recommend this class to every administrator and teacher in Arizona and beyond.” Gary Smart, Tortolita Middle School

“I enjoyed the course immensely. The teacher was knowledgeable, and competently led us through each strategy so we could acquire the skill and feel like we could use the strategy in our classroom. It was fun to experience all the material hands on!” Tracy Breedlove, Taylor Elementary School

“Time was utilized extremely well, and it was well worth my money!” Carrie Osterloh, Lincoln Elementary, Prescott USD

“Melissa was a great teacher! The entire workshop changed my outlook on the SEI process in a positive way. What an educational, wonderful, positive class! Thank you.” Molly McGill, Chandler Unified District Substitute, former Mesa Public School

“I honestly thought I would be bored out of my mind. Boy! I was wrong! All the strategies I learned are worth my time, money, and effort. I learned a lot. These strategies will be implemented in my classroom. It was worth it! Plus no homework, plenty of discussion, and always moving around. Highly recommend!” Dolores V. Perea, TG Barr

“The ideas and activities presented during this workshop are applicable across the curriculum and are good for all learners. They will make my teaching more meaningful and fun.” Debbie Calleros, Kyrene de las Manitas

“Many things I learned I was able to take directly back to my classroom and use it!” Erin Kirchoff, Kyrene de las Mirada

“The SEI class is interactive. Best of all, the activities are applicable to any classroom teacher, regardless of the number of ELL students. The curriculum is interesting and reproducibles are given for easy use for the teacher. For a state-required class, this is as good as it gets. :-)” Holly Leman, Desert Christian School

“The most applicable class I have ever taken! Useful strategies for all students. Energetic instructors and motivating activities!” Wendi Davis, Kyrene de las Manitas

“Great class. The strategies are wonderful for all types of learners.” Jan Bartelt, Kyrene de la Esperanza

“This training has been the best staff development training we have ever had. Our staff took this training together, and I recommend it highly!” Kelly Wade, Noah Webster

“Ann has been an inspiration to our staff. Her practical suggestions have been implemented with great success.” William R. Taylor, Noah Webster Charter School

“I felt the class work and instruction were very student oriented and truly reflective of what teachers need to know to effectively instruction ELL students in a regular education classroom.” Joe Case, Desert Shadows Middle School, Apache Junction, AZ

“Fun and motivational activities. I’ve tried several

in my classroom and even the non-ELL students enjoy them!” Lori A. Kent, Noah Webster

“Anne has created an engaging, fun class! The materials are great, and there are a lot of fun ideas to use in the classroom. It’s great for ELL students and even non-ELLs in the classroom.” Leah Wheat, Noah Webster

“Anne’s training was extremely engaging! She’s intuitive with regard to the timing and pacing to keep trainees involved. The material is apropos to the audience, leaving the educators with high quality tools! Bravo!” Jacquese Silvas, Noah Webster Basic School

“This training course was absolutely wonderful. I have learned so many new and exciting teaching strategies, which I have already started using in my classroom. I believe that every teacher should attend this course, because it will make them a stronger teacher. Thank you.” Crystal Talmadge, Noah Webster Basic School

“These have been six of the best spent Saturdays of my teaching career. I’m for whatever helps me… helps my students!” Gale L. Bauder, Noah Webster Basic School

“This training was amazing! I got so many great ideas that will be very helpful.” Emily Thacker, Noah Webster Basic School

“This course has changed my teaching! The interactive methods and fun personality of Anne Swigard have helped the 45 hours of this training simply fly by. I know that I will use the principles taught with future students, as well as with members of my family!” Myrna Sheppard, Heritage Academy

“You, Anne, have inspired me to work as hard as I can to be a teacher with close to as much character and kindness as you have.” Linda Eliason, Noah Webster Basic School

“This is my 31st year in the classroom. This class has helped to jump-start my enthusiasm for teaching. I have used many of the techniques in my classroom this year that have been presented by Anne. The exercises were so well received by my students. This school year promises to be my best ever. Thanks Anne. An old dog can be taught new tricks.” Mary E. Tucker, Noah Webster

“If we fill our hearts with love; there is no room for fear, anger, or sadness.” Sarah Boller, Noah Webster Basic School

“This class has been incredible! I am a first-year kindergarten teacher, and I feel that I now have so many tools and ideas to help ELL students and all my students. I love Anne’s training techniques. This is by far the best continuing education class I’ve taken!” Robyn L. Fields, Noah Webster Basic School

“Learned so many helpful techniques to use in my classroom! Thank you! The kids have really liked them.” Meg Cullum, Pinnacle Peak

“This class gives tools to make sure that you are teaching to everyone’s strengths. It is a good reminder of good teaching practices and will help all of Arizona’s children.” Tricia Grantham, All Saints

“The entire experience was very productive and entertaining, and I am feeling much more equipped for my classroom.” Sonia Kapoor, Trevor Browne

“Melissa was a fantastic instructor, and I thoroughly enjoyed taking the course with her. I learned many wonderful and useful strategies that I am already using in my classroom.” Kerrie Pelenytschka, All Saints’ Episcopal Day School

“The information provided in these classes can be utilized and is extremely beneficial in all classroom situations! It develops an awareness regarding the teaching of ELL students that may be astonishing.” Linda Tyke, All Saints’ Episcopal Day School

“A wonderfully interesting and inspiring class. Fabulous techniques adaptable to any curriculum or age.” Sharol Ruggiero, All Saints’ Episcopal Day School

“The film we watched was an excellent example of the whole SEL concept. It should be a required viewing for teachers and students alike.” Paula Kehoe, All Saints’ Episcopal Day School

“Great way to obtain the 45 hours! Excellent instructors; great pace of activities!” Lara Allen, Highland High

“I would highly recommend this program. The teachers were really engaging and knowledgeable. I’m so glad I took it. I traveled four hours each way to attend! Worth every penny!” Mariam Barth, Arizona Virtual Academy

“The class was very informative. Our teacher was interesting and taught us a lot.” Laura Minnis, West Park Elementary

“Even though by the end of the day and week, I wasn’t prepared to ‘be a student’ for another 5-8 hours, I did enjoy the class. I learned a lot about different strategies for engaging, teaching, and assessing all students, not just ELL students.” Tim Barber-Lindstrom, Buckeye Elementary School

“Our teacher was fun and very knowledgeable. I had fun.” Jeff Hudson, West Park Elementary

“After teaching 7+ years, we think we know it all. Yet the activities we learned to implement for ELL students can grasp the attention of all my students. The different activities encompass all intelligences. Great class!” Lupita Ingram, Sundance

“I think this class provided excellent ELL resources and tips, as well as materials and activities for any class! Thank you!” Stephanie Mudryk, West Park

“I love having my coworkers say, ‘That was a great activity. I’d like to use it. Where did you get it?’” Wendy Sparkman, Buckeye Middle School

“I was not looking forward to spending five hours every Wednesday to take a class. However, I was really surprised. The class is so full of activities that I did not notice the time I spent in class. The activities are really good, and I am already using the activities in my class.” Erin L. Cox, Sundance

“I can’t believe I got the same credit for these 45 mandatory hours as my coworkers. They spent hours on lessons and papers. I played games for three weekends and had a blast!” M. Gromley, DeGrazia Elementary, Tucson, AZ

“After every class, I take what I learned and use it in my own class.” Elaine Thompson, Buckeye Middle School

“This class has offered many ways to improve my instruction. I have walked away a more prepared teacher!” Katy Sundling, West Park Elementary

“This was the most enjoyable class that I have ever taken. The activities really helped in the understanding of the concepts. Working in different groups (grade levels) really gave a different insight into the different levels of a student’s education. Thanks Peggy and Theresa. You are terrific. Your enthusiasm really kept everyone going!” Belinda Stallings, Kyrene del Pueblo Middle School

“Peggy and Theresa make this class as ‘fun’ as possible. Their ‘get up and move’ approach helps to keep the class interesting and the learner engaged. They truly believe in this course and their enthusiasm shines through.” Julie Ann Templeton, Kyrene Middle School

“I loved how the ELL information was presented through practical hands-on activities. The teaching strategies presented fit with my teaching and learning style.” Molly Rohlik, Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary School, Tucson, AZ

“What a great course! Every single lesson plan can be adapted and used in any classroom. This 45-hour course was invaluable, and it will help all English Language Learners and teachers alike.” Amy Whitney, At-Large

“Made a whole new set of professional friends.” Gary Shiffman, Madison Meadows Elementary

“The interaction was fun! The instructor was awesome. The best part was no outside work or written tests.” Adrienne Flisser, Westwind Intermediate Pendergast

“I recommended this training for all the teachers in my district.” Terrell Piechowski, Ganado Unified School District

“I believe I walked away with a lot of concrete ideas I could use in my classroom right away.” Naomi Gottlieb, Waggoner

“Melissa Fox runs a very nice program. Kudos to Mrs. Fox.” Tim Yoder, Fountain Hills Middle School

“I learned a lot of good information taking this class, and I am very excited to try some of the stuff in my own classroom.” —–

“I procrastinated in taking my SEI hours, hoping the requirement would ‘go away.” Though these sessions may be more geared toward the elementary level, I have gained some useful knowledge and, more importantly, friendships within the group. Working with fellow colleagues has truly been beneficial.” Kyle Frewin, Payson Unified

“I don’t think anyone could argue this is a class that is the best use of time or resources; however, Jane did a very good job of presenting the material.” Kathy Granville

“Anne’s SEI training gave me some terrific ideas for the classroom. Since the training has begun, I have implemented more than 5 or 6 different activities that have been nothing but successful! Jane Veirs was such an inspiring and exciting educator for this course. I could not have imagined taking this course anywhere else. Thank you Jane and Anne!” Tracy Marion, Foothills Academy College Prep

“Jane is a masterful teacher who helped the meaty curriculum to be both meaningful and fun. Thank you, Jane!” Heidi Lameh, Home

“RE: From many nations to one. This is a dynamic class… informative and upbeat, with a fantastic instructor. It is a very professional way to meet today’s proficiency requirements. Updates in research, letter of the law, etc. are great tools for the educator’s world of knowledge. Thanks.” Gail M. Pipella, Scottsdale School, Pupil Services (“Homebound”)

“Every class I have taken through Chapman has been applicable to the classroom. I would highly recommend taking classes through this institution. The collaboration with other teachers is invaluable.” Carrie Wage, Zuni Hills

“Educational Training Specialists, LLC – great interactive courses! Have taken four different trainings and learned innovative and applicable material. I look forward to taking more training classes! Thank you!” Michele L. McCarter Garcia, Kyrene School District

“Loved the class. Many different fun projects to show my kids. They will love them!” Lesley Marshall, Avalon Elementary

“This class was all I hoped for and more! We practiced what the instructor (Autumn) taught, and I’m now excited to do so with my class.” Cheryl Whetten, Ruth Fisher Elementary

“I feel comfortable using these activities tomorrow in the classroom. I love that the activities presented are engaging for students and can be easily modified to span the curriculum.” Sheri, EduPrize Schools

“Excellent content and presentation. I took my first 45 hours online, and it was boring and impersonal. I learned a lot of great teaching techniques, not just for ELL students but for all levels and abilities. Teresa was an excellent instructor!” Ron Jass – 4th Grade, Quail Run, MUSD, Marana, AZ

“I would recommend this course to everyone. The hands-on activities and immediate classroom application is extremely worthwhile. Not having to worry about homework or outside reading was huge for me as a single working mom. Thanks!” Karise Allen, St. Michaels Parish Day School, Tucson, AZ

“Most of what was taught here were basically good teaching techniques that all teachers should provide students.” Barbara Sussman, N/A

“I really loved the creative writers exercises. They were stimulating and fun! Ted Licence, Imagine School, Sierra Vista, AZ

“Fantastic program! I guarantee anyone who attends one of Ed. Training Specialists will enjoy the class and be refreshed in the classroom.” Stephanie P. Thompson, N/A

“All 45 hours went quickly and were filled with activities that are ready-to-use and beneficial in my classroom. Taught in a fashion that allowed me to ‘learn’ and then ‘try’ in my classroom. Great group of people – not a moment was wasted!” Alison Woodward, Paseo Hills Elementary

“Lots of useful activities for different students, not just ELL.” Jaime Barreva, Ed Pastor

“This was a great class! I can use lots of this information.” Dee Ann McAlish, Manzanita Elementary School (retired)

“G-R-E-A-T! You do a great job of guiding and teaching. Bob McAllister, N/A

“This group was most pleasing to work with.” Robert W. Carten, Betty H. Fairfax

“Great fast-paced workshop that was fun!” Leigh Johnson, Norterra Canyon, Deer Valley Unified School District

“This was an excellent, motivating day. Patty keeps us moving and learning, which works well for me!” Debra Rilley, Estrella Elementary

“This course really worked for me. It is interactive; and in a few short weekends, you learn and participate in many activities that can be used with ELL students as well as the other regular education students. The instructors are helpful and knowledgeable. Anne Swigard is also very helpful with rescheduling and allowing people to make up classes that were missed. Excellent program. Very organized and educational.” Andrew Recay, N/A

“This class is worth every penny. I highly recommend it to first-year teachers. There are a lot of hands-on activities you can apply to the classroom the next day!” Vanessa Contreras, John F. Kennedy Elementary School

“This is a great way to acquire new activities for any classroom.” Chris Fuller, Camp Verde High School

“We do not have any ELL students at our school, but most of the activities will be valuable additions to my planning. Thank you for being a great teacher.” J. Bob Cook, Phoenix Country Day School

“Gained lots of great ideas for the classroom, even if you don’t have ELL students in your class.” Betty McBride, Phoenix Christian Unified Schools

“I have been teaching ELL and second language learners for the past 8 years. I have been literally ‘hungry’ for group activities using a variety of strategies. This has been the ‘pot of gold.’ A solution to my existing passion to reach all learners.” Mary L. Harman, Bullhead City Junior High School, Bullhead City, AZ

“This has been the best professional development I have received. Could not have imagined doing this online. Anne’s course of study is effective, professional, useful, and mostly fun. Finish in six days. The only way to go!” Kevin Beeler, Diamondback Elementary School, Bullhead City School District

“This was a fantastic way to meet the state requirements.” Jeff Nell, Glenn F. Burton

“Useful work.” Daryl Hurst, N/A

“A great job.” Katherine, Madison (Simis)

“informative… well paced. Great strategies to use in the classroom.” Nina Shah, Deer Valley (at home now)

“I took the first 15 hours in my district because they were free. I am sure they did their best, but it was amazingly boring and inefficient. These 45 hours were well presented by the instructor, and the group was fun and cooperative. I would highly recommend these six days to anyone. A good time was had by all.” Debra Fish Brock, Higley High School

“I feel as though I experienced a supportive learning environment. I have many new structures that I am excited to use with my students!” Evie Benavides, Meyer School

“Jane is wonderful. Her care and passion really show.” Kim Bryant, N/A

“This class was very constructive and informative. There were many ideas that could be used in ‘all’ areas of instruction. This class gave me a sense of appreciation and awareness for those who are just beginning their journey within our country.” Elizabeth Graeber, Queen Creek Middle School

“Great strategies. Well worth the time and money.” Rhonda Sia, N/A

“Teresa is a great instructor. This was my second Educational Training Specialists course, and I learned 10 times more than my first course. I have an abundance of new classroom activities to incorporate in my daily lesson plans. Thanks. Kathy J. Fox, CDO

“This class provides great opportunities for hands-on instruction that instructors of all grade levels and subjects can use. I thoroughly enjoyed the activities provided and the opportunity to brainstorm the various ways to utilize them. I can guarantee your students will enjoy the learning, and your teaching will be enjoyable and meaningful.” Heather Krivinchuk, Palo Verde Elementary, Casa Grande, AZ

“I took this class based on the advice of a colleague, and it was absolutely the right thing to do. Every strategy I learned is applicable to all students, not just ELLs. I will definitely complete my training through Education Specialists.” Mark Parrish, First Avenue Elementary

“The atmosphere with the other teachers was great. I really appreciated Teresa helping me feel safe and comfortable in the climate of the class. Would recommend to anyone.” Katee McSpadden, Duncan High School

“The ‘Making the Most of Guided Reading’ class by Miriam Libman was truly valuable. I loved the easy and quick strategies to discover a student’s reading level without completing a running record. While running records are valuable without a doubt, I love having other, quick assessments available!” Danna Evans, PVUSD

“I am new to teaching junior high in this area. I appreciate the strategies presented in this workshop. The most helpful element is the “Classroom Connections” sheet. I can check it as I’m typing lesson plans, inserting appropriate activities for each day.” Brandi K. Havir, Arizona Charter Academy

“The strategies I have learned in this class have been extremely useful in my classroom. They have helped me keep students of all learning levels and backgrounds engaged in the learning process.” Scott McPeak, Arizona Charter Academy

“This training was very informative. But more importantly, it was hands-on, interactive, and applicable to everyday teaching. We had great trainers!” Heather Henderson, Arizona Charter Academy

“SEI training was a great help. It taught me great activities, ELL strategies that are user-friendly to implement in the classroom, as well as informative material that we as educators need to know. Thanks!” Precilia Johnson, Arizona Charter Academy

“The sessions were long but never tedious or boring!” Thomas Enst, Arizona Charter Academy, Surprise, AZ

“I enjoyed all of the stories. It brought the material alive! Both of you are very energetic and so knowledgeable. Thank you for everything. God Bless.” Stacy Barrett, Arizona Charter Academy

“This training was both informational and fun. The instructors kept the training interactive and interesting.” Brian Shurlow, Arizona Charter Academy

“As I write my lesson plans for theatre, I include the ELL Standards to help me focus on special needs of ELL and Sped. This way, I’m prepared prior to having special needs joining my room. Many activities were easily modified for drama class.” Carol Knarr, Altadeña Middle School, Kyrene District, Chandler, AZ

“Theresa and Peggy are real teachers. They are in the classroom and their training methods reflect the heart of an educator!” Michelle Keso

“You made a ‘mandated’ experience very pleasurable. It was a ‘fun’ experience.” Jan Dixon, Kyrene de la Paloma

“Thank you for also being a voice of ESS/SPED, as these strategies benefit many students with disabilities.” Carla Watts, Kyrene Akimel A Al Middle School

“This was a great class! The instructors knew their material and were energetic and enthusiastic. Many of these strategies will be useful for this fall!” Susan Oram, Pueblo High School

“Thank you for making this a ‘real’ training for us. Peggy and Teresa are amazing presenters that have a wealth of knowledge about teaching, teachers, and all children. It is so refreshing to have such energetic trainers.” Hannah Parnell, Kyrene de las Lomas

“Thanks so much for an outstanding training. So often we go to seminars on how to actively involve kids, and during the seminar there is no active involvement. You are both highly skilled, very experienced, and wonderfully motivating. A very well balanced presentation with excellent timing for all activities.” Karen Monks, Kyrene de las Brisas Elementary

“Wow! To keep 40 teachers/administrators engaged and energized for 45 hours is a great achievement and a testament to the excellence of the instructors. We had fun and, more than that, learned strategies that we will actually use! Thank you for being inspiring.” Julie Hackmann, Kyrene Middle School

“Many times, the activities presented in these ‘required’ trainings do not apply to the music classroom setting. This course was a pleasant surprise! I have come away from this class with many activities I can easily adapt for use in my music room. Thanks!” Jennifer Kilgard, Lagos Elementary School

“This class has been so helpful to me as I teach kindergarten with a ‘healthy’ mix of ELL. I loved the hands-on techniques (even though I was uncomfortable, it was good for me to participate). Thank you for making all the information exciting and interesting. I’d attend again to catch everything I did not retain. Thank you again.” Millicent Biernier, Burke Basic School, Mesa, AZ

“The concepts taught during the latter days of the training were more useful for me, as an upper elementary teacher. Many techniques are applicable to all students regardless of the level of language proficiency.” Melodee Olson, Happy Valley School

“Fun class… great activities that can be used for all students in all classes… glad I chose to take this class as opposed to going to a community college… it was informative and interactive, which fits with my Masters background in multiple intelligences… Johanna is awesome!” Lisa Ellis, Thunderbird High School

“Great class!” Sandy Foglesong

“A full 45 hours in six days sounded like a daunting task, but Johanna did a fantastic job of integrating a lot of material among a varied group of teachers. The information was right on the money, and I think this will serve me well in my class. Thank you so much.” Justin Burns, Cactus Shadows High School

“I enjoyed this training session! I learned a great deal of new strategies to incorporate into my teaching lessons with ELL students. The best thing is that the activities can also be beneficial to non-ELL students. Johanna was a great instructor!” Cindy Rodriguez, Congress Elementary School

“I loved the exposure to so many useful activities.” Wayne Kopala, St. Jerome

“This course does the job it was intended to do. Lots of ideas to take into your classroom.” Bonnie Boag, Bourgade Catholic High School

“I wasn’t looking forward to six days of ELL information, but boy did that change! I learned so much in this program. I have also gained a much greater understanding of what our ELLs go through and how they feel. The material was fantastic, and Johanna was a great teacher!” Marlene Briner, New River Elementary School

“I enjoyed the cooperative learning activities. They gave me so many ideas for my own classroom.” Kelli Eastwood, Dobson High School

“Fun hands-on interactive ideas that will work for all grade levels. Class keeps you moving while providing a variety of learning styles for ELL students and all your students.” Pam Marino, St. Theresa Catholic

“I enjoyed this class a lot. There never seemed to be a dull moment. We were engaged in a multitude of activities that ran the spectrum of all teaching strategies. These strategies could be and are effective, not only in ELL settings but in all content areas. It was a long class, six days, but well worth it. I will definitely utilize some of these strategies in my classes right away.” Armand M. Giglio, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Glendale, AZ

“I loved all the training and the activities that helped us to learn and identify with all our ELL students and everyone including fellow teachers. The ways that we discussed SEI made everything positive and exciting. Looking forward to teaching!” Lucia Bigelow, not teaching yet

“Good class for teachers and educators who work with English Language Learners.” Dolores P. Begay, St. Michaels Association for Special Education

“This course is a wonderful resource for teachers. We acquired a wealth of information and activities to use in our classrooms.” Ginna Cummings, Milestones Charter School

“At first, I thought this class would be a bore, but I was wrong! The discussions and activities were great! They kept the material interesting and learning fun.” Ric Moreno, St. Mary’s High School

“I’ve heard grueling testimonies about the online SEI courses. I signed up for Anne’s course thinking it would be more bearable sitting in a classroom. Our instructor, Melissa, did a splendid job acting as the teacher as she taught 30 adults. This course is worth the money! I learned so much, made many friends, and would take this again in a heartbeat!” Lynn Wojcik, Orange Grove Middle School

“So many practical ways to motivate, enrich, and teach with the focus on language acquisition and cultural understanding! Thank you! Johanna was a delight!” Wendy Ingham, Desert Christian High School

“I would highly recommend this program. The teachers were really engaging and knowledgeable. I’m so glad I took it. I traveled 4 hours each way to attend! Worth every penny!” Mariam Barth, Arizona Virtual Academy

“Teresa and Peggy share fabulous ideas for use with ELL children as well as children in any classroom. As a gifted teacher, I have been able to use, or will eventually use, so many of the ideas. The class is fast-paced and the variety of grouping strategies and cooperative group activities made the hours fly by.” Betty Munzinger, Manitas

“S.E.I.? More like F.U.N.!” Matthew, Kyrene Middle School

“This was the most enjoyable class that I have ever taken. The activities really helped in the understanding of the concepts. Working in different groups (grade levels) really gave a different insight into the different levels of a student’s education. Thanks, Peggy and Theresa. You are terrific. Your enthusiasm really kept everyone going! Belinda Stallings, Kyrene del Pueblo Middle School

“Of all the workshops and classes I’ve ever taken, this class gave me more materials and activities I can really use. The Classroom Connections was invaluable and helped me see how I can really apply the strategies for my students.” Jodi Chesaro, Bales Elementary

“The class was fast-paced and very interactive. We learned multiple strategies to add to our educational toolbox.” Annette Nicdao, Connolly Middle School

“The class was excellent for bringing the faculties of our 4 buildings together. This was an exceptional morale builder!” Cindy Couture, Fountain Hills HS

“This was a great and useful seminar. All of the activities were high-energy and made the time fly by!” Sharon Bicey, Kyrene Middle School

“Much valuable information was provided. The pacing and content were very well-designed. Effective instructional delivery was utilized throughout.” Donna Male, Four Peaks Elementary School

“Great way to obtain the 45 hours! Excellent instructors, great pace of activities!” Lara Aellen, Highland High

“This was such a beneficial course to take for teaching in general! Having such a wonderful instructor made the experience so much more enjoyable. Thank you!” Amy O’Neill, Desert Christian

“This was the best professional training I have had in 8 years of teaching. The facilitators were exuberant and very knowledgeable, and all the activities and concepts can come back to the general education classroom as well.” Rachel Stengall, Ponderosa High School

“The strategies I have learned in this class have been extremely useful in my classroom. They have helped me keep students of all learning levels and backgrounds engaged in the learning process.” Scott McPeak, Arizona Charter Academy

“The most beneficial mandatory program I’ve ever had. There were so many strategies that we learned which would equip us to teach ANY student. Thank you so much for making this valuable.” Ray Phillips, Desert Christian High School

“This class has been so helpful to me as I teach Kindergarten with a ‘healthy mix of ELLs. I love the hands-on techniques… Thank you for making ALL the information exciting and interesting. I’d attend again just to catch everything I did not retain. Thank you again.” Millicent Biernier, Burke Basic School

“I enjoyed all of the stories – it brought the material alive! Both of you are very energetic, and so knowledgeable! Thank you for everything!” Stacy Barrett, ACA

“I believe I walked away with a lot of concrete ideas I could use in my classroom right away.” Naomi Gottlieb, Waggoner

“I can’t believe I got the same credit for these 45 hours as my coworkers. They spent hours on lessons and papers. I played games for three weekends and had a blast!” M. Gromley, DeGrazia Elementary

“This training was very informative. But more importantly, it was hands-on, interactive, and applicable to everyday teaching. We had GREAT trainers.” Heather Henderson, Arizona Charter Academy

“It is my opinion that it would be difficult to teach a class that is mandatory to take and not by choice. Johanna has handled this difficult task wonderfully. She is a very positive person and always values opinions. This class has been a god sent to meet the requirement. I truly enjoyed the class.” Tracey Stephens, Buckeye Elementary

“Thank you for allowing us to be professionals. The format of the class allowed us to think about what we already know and utilize new ELL strategies and activities. Johanna is the BEST!” Lisa Norwood, Shaw Elementary School

“The 45 SEI training was fast paced and a valuable source of hands-on material to use in our classroom tomorrow!” Katherine Davis, King Davis

“I would highly recommend taking Ed. Training Specialist’s 45-Hour SEI class. Johanna Calaway was as wonderful instructor and kept us highly motivated throughout the six-day class. The hands-on activities and cooperative learning format were fun and 2will easily transition to my own classroom.” Charlotte Abbott

“I recommend that if you need to take the 45 hours of SEI training, that you take this hands-on course compared to an online course. This class was a lot of fun. Meeting new people, and relating the information with each other, was a good way to learn how to teach ELL students.” Kelly Abbott, Midtown Primary

“I love this course! It prepares us to teach ELLs. It helps for teaching… period. The interactive format is, in itself, part of the learning.” Dr. Fawzia Mai Tung, Aim High Institute

“I believe that this course will help me be a better teacher for second language learner students. Also, it also makes learning fun and creative.” Julia Miller, Maxine D. Bush Elementary School, Roosevelt School District

“How refreshing to undergo educational training that is absolutely relevant! Johanna offered activities that were interesting, feasible, and goal-oriented. I will definitely use 85% of these activities in my classroom.” Jan Marshall, Deer Valley Middle School

“I had to repeat my 45 hours through this course, and I honestly enjoyed it far more than the last one. Everyone was able to practice the lessons being introduced in a friendly environment. The staff was extremely friendly and on task. She kept things at a good pace and provided great feedback. I am excited to get back to work and put these lessons in practice.” Erin Weir, Crockett

“Background material, content subject matter, and learning strategies are interwoven to present the required topics in an engaging format.” Leeann Jones Wieser, Garden Lakes School

“I appreciate all of your hard work in designing the information in a user-friendly way. This class was refreshing, and I am excited to use the new strategies I learned in the fall. Thank you.” Heather Roberts, Sunset Ridge School

“I appreciate that we got to try all of the activities in a hands-on approach.” Clorinda Graziano, Washington Elementary

“Johanna did a great job on teaching this class. She knows her material very well. She’s very nurturing and supportive. I got lots of great ideas to use in my classroom.” Tricia Ryan, St. Matthew’s

“I learned so many great activities that I can use in my class for all students and gained valuable knowledge about ELL learning. I would highly recommend this class.” Sarah Dañales, Zuni Hills

“Our instructor made it really fun! Thank you!” Chitra Pierce, Kyrene de la Mariposa

“This course does a great job of building community so we were comfortable working with everyone. Our ‘tool chest’ is greatly enlarged. We moved around the room and the interest was maintained.” Iva L. Garrison, Paradise Valley (retired)

“The instructors for both courses were wonderful. It’s great that they are or were teachers.” Ecaterina Avelar, Eagle College Prep

“This was a wonderful class/training. I learned such valuable information and strategies that will benefit all my students. I can’t wait to use the strategies. It was worth giving up my three weekends.” Amanda Segura, Arizona Virtual Academy

“This class is everything that the testimonials given online say it is. I got much more out of this than taking an online course. Carolina was/is magnificent.” Joseph W. Snyder, xxxx

“My opinion changed from having to take these classes to wanting to learn more! The information received in these classes opened my ignorance door. My awareness has changed, my teaching techniques have improved, and I enjoy knowing more because of these classes! Thanks to your program and awesome instructors.” Maureen Herdon, EVIT, Mesa, AZ

“The six days went fast. I highly enjoyed the class!” Christy Reller, Sierra Vista

“This class has been one of the most fun, useful, and practical classes I have taken. It is not only useful for ELLs, but all children. Love it! Love it! Love it!” Tiffany Leon, Cornerstone Christian Academy

“45 hours seems pretty overwhelming, but it seemed to fly by relatively painlessly.” Yvonne A Segawa-Gonzales, Marana High School

“I know some have complained about the experience of a private program like this. When I factor in my time, sanity, and low tolerance of boredom and irritation, this program is the best bang for the buck! I am so glad I chose this route for my 45 hours!” Karen Ahrens, Immaculate Heart High School [formerly]

“Great program! We thoroughly enjoyed our instructor. The “train the trainer” program is a gift, allowing us to structure our training needs around our schedule and needs. Thank you.” Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy

“This was an awesome and truly worthwhile course. Education Training specialists and the instructor made this a wonderful experience. Cindy is a master teacher and cares deeply about what she does. The materials were so well organized, that it made it very easy to follow and learn. I would recommend this to any teacher.” Mark Witt, Creighton School

“This was a meaningful class with lots of good ideas to use in any classroom.” Nancy Bleasdale, Foothills Academy

“I was hopeful that this would be more helpful than an online class. I was not disappointed. Marvelous and engaging. Visiting with others in the trenches is empowering. My comfort level has risen to its highest level.” Steven Keough, Wood Elementary

“Six days went fast! Thanks for the variety, the pace, and the instructor.” Denis Gray, AAFC

“This class was taught by an energetic instructor who made the content fun and enjoyable. I would recommend this class to all my colleagues.” Walter Temme, Mountain View High School, Mesa

“Fabulous training. The days went by quickly, and the content was relevant. Cindy was an excellent instructor.” Michelle Cox

“This class was truly amazing and an eye opener to all educators. I have learned countless activities and strategies that I can and will take back to my classroom and implement. It was a very worthwhile and fun way to spend six days out of a teacher’s much needed summer vacation. This is the SEI class for all!” Dianne Sorive, Legacy Charter Schools

“Best class to take to meet your state requirement.” Jennifer Wolf, Monte Vista

“SEI is about building a community and culture within your classroom in which everyone is valued and feels accepted. Teresa did an awesome job of demonstrating this throughout the training while teaching us. Great job!” Jason Stewart, Coronado High School

“I have to admit, this class was very exciting. It was presented in a way that makes the information lock in to your long-term memory. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose this course.” Brian Graham, Pusch Ridge Christian Academy

“Educational Training Specialist has made the 6 days of mandatory AZ SEI learning enjoyable. Thank you Teresa!” Holly Munro, Pusch Ridge Christian Academy

“Booyah! This class is great. I am a P.E. teacher and thought the information wouldn’t pertain to me; however, I now have a lot of great things to take to the classroom.” Michael Ahern

“Excellent class; so many useful activities for any grade, any content area! Instruction was paced to allow time for feedback, practice, and collaboration. The only SEI class to take!” Mary Cay Funk, Thornydale Elementary

“Outstanding course with an instructor who models excellent teaching practices! I was thoroughly engaged, much to my delight, and am taking with me a binder loaded with super activities I can (and will) use in my classroom!” Ginger Sewell, Cornerstone Christian Academy

“Thank you for providing a delightful answer to the SEI training quandary. This was applicable, engaging, and entertaining. What else can you teach me?” Lori Abrams, Pusch Ridge Christian Academy

“We actually did every strategy we learned – that way I know how it works and I am much more likely to remember and use the technique. Every idea can be used by teachers who might not even have ELLs.” Julie Myers, Pusch Ridge Christian Academy

“This was an excellent class with meaningful and easily applicable curriculum. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.” Julia Higgins, Esperero Canyon Middle School=

“Two thumbs up! This course certainly is worth the time and effort. Never again will I view an ELL student in the same manner. Our teacher, Jennifer, was quite a dynamo. I looked forward to class every day. Kudos!” Bonnie Hoffert, Arizona Virtual Academy

“This course was actually very helpful in providing lots of information on English-language learners. We reviewed a variety of adaptable techniques and strategies to use in all areas of our classroom.” Katie Fitzgerald, Copper Trails Elementary

“I learned many new activities that I can use in my classroom that will help me to make my instruction more effective for the ELL. I was also refreshed on many other activities that I now feel more confident in using, and I made some more friends/colleagues that I can rely on for resources in the future.” Shaun Stevenson, Tuscano Elementary (Grade 5)

“This has been a wonderful and insightful course! I have learned many new items to implement in my classroom.” Kirk Kaiser, Fountain Hills Charter School

“I recommend the class. The pedagogy that was taught was the pedagogy that was used. The experience was as painless as a required class could be.” D. Kendall, Camelback PUHSD

“These are great classes. Professional knowledgeable staff. Great ideas to use with all students. I am so glad I took my SEI requirements here!” Vicki Laskowski, Bagdad Unified

“I found the class to be entertaining, informative, and helpful.” Bobby Kelley, Loma Linda

“Let us truly and sincerely always remember the meaning of our country’s motto: E Pluribus Unum.” Kathleen Miller, Liberty District #25

“The ideas and activities in this course are good for all students and have given me great new ideas to use in my classroom.” Maggie Kennedy, Cordova Middle School

“Polly was an excellent instructor. This was the best education seminar I have ever attended.” Jeffery D. Perry, Terramar Elementary

“Educational Training Specialists made a 45-hour training that I was dreading, a positive, rewarding experience! I was able to learn many new teaching methods to add to my expanding repertoire of useful tools. I truly enjoyed the interaction used to model strategies I can use in my own class. Thank you.” Sarah Hoagland, Candeo Peoria School

“It’s like candy!” John Bruggner, Sandra Day O’Connor High School

“This was the best class I was ever forced to take.” Brandon Hopson, Glendale High

“I enjoyed the class tremendously. I found that I could use several of the strategies in my theatre class. I also have activities to share with others. The CD is an added bonus, as well as the reference notebook. Although I do not get that many ELL students, the content is very beneficial. The learning atmosphere was fun and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend this class to anyone. The university credit is a huge plus.” Don Fuller, Valley Vista High School

“I really hope the ideas and activities set in place here today are used and built upon in the classrooms of tomorrow!” Chisla Globakeer, Cave Creek Unified School District #93.