Sheltered Instruction Training of Trainers

Popular Sheltered Instruction Training of Trainers Available Nationwide

Educational Training Specialists now offers its extremely highly-rated Training of Trainers programs imparting strategies for English Language Learners nationwide. Through these courses, more than 11,000 teachers have learned up to 130 strategies for working effectively with English Language Learners.

These sheltered instruction training of trainer courses were developed in answer to a highly rigorous demand for teachers to have research-based strategies to work effectively with the school-age sector of the nearly 1,000,000 English Learners who live in the state of Arizona. With more than 1,600 testimonials from its participants, ETS remains the largest private provider of the training in the state.

Based in the latest research on what strategies for English Language Learners yield the greatest effect in both the United States and worldwide for students K-12, these Sheltered Instruction Trainings of Trainers –

  • Save your district thousands of man hours to produce trainings of similar scope
  • Are differentiated to reach those who are new to, or familiar with, the process of truly, deeply understanding how to work with English Learners
    • Training 1: “Around the World in 45 Hours” includes a heavy emphasis on literacy, lesson planning for the English Learner, and dozens of strategies designed to break down information into manageable chunks that are not only comprehensible, but fun to use
    • Training 2: “From Many Nations to One” engages students in 70 more advanced strategies that help teachers facilitate deep, yet scaffolded, content discussion and response (both oral and written) among their English Learners
  • Are aligned with WIDA standards
  • Are proven, by reflecting global best practices according to the leader in world educational research, John Hattie, as well as Robert Marzano’s 9 Strategies to raise student achievement when used consistently by teachers
  • Are effective in both high and low English Learner school populations. The strategies are effective for all learners!

Each of the activities for English Language Learners is fully explained, with background information and engagers that keep the trainings moving and fun for participants. Our trainers model the training during the Training of Trainers to ensure success in your school or district.

Read just of few of the hundreds of testimonials about our sheltered instruction training sessions:

“Of all the workshops and classes I’ve ever taken, this class gave me more material and activities I can really use. The classroom connections was invaluable and helped me see how I can really apply the strategies for my students.” Jodi Chesbro, Bates Elementary

“An invaluable course. Such a wealth of practices—practices that are congruent with education today! Thrilled to return to the classroom with more tools on the tool belt!” Patrick Bass, Camelback High School

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