Expert ELL Teacher Training

ELL Teacher Training – Prepare Your Teachers for
21st Century Success

English Language Learning (ELL) students are the fastest growing segment of the nation’s student population. By the end of the decade, students whose first language is not English will makeup more than a quarter of all US students. Nearly every state in the nation is experiencing immigration shifts that make ELL training a necessity for school districts.

This may be the defining educational challenge of the 21st century.

Educational Training Specialists, LLC is here to help your teachers meet this challenge with interactive and engaging ELL teacher training sessions that familiarize teachers with research-based strategies to reach every learner, ELL or not.

We offer three different ELL teacher training models, all of which feature the same high quality of professional development and methods that will transform the instruction going on in your classrooms.

English Learner Strategies Training

ELL Strategies Online Course

Sheltered Instruction Training of Trainers

We’ve had over 1,600 of our trainees and their administrators tell us just how valuable the time they spent with us was. Here’s just a sample:

“The teacher training sessions we have received from Educational Training Specialists have all been dynamic and effective. They have provided our staff members with innovative and useful tools that they can immediately implement in the classroom to better meet the needs of their ELLs.  As a school we have seen significant growth in the academic achievement scores of our English Language Learners since we first began working with Educational Training Specialists over three years ago. I would highly recommend Educational Training Specialists to any LEA who is looking to provide professional development or coaching opportunities for their staff.”

– Heather Ray, Principal, Champion Schools

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