Bilingual Education Programs

At Educational Training Specialists, LLC, we have the experience necessary to assist teachers in reaching their goals pertaining to language acquisition. Not only have we been bilingual teachers, we have Bilingual Education Programs but we have coached and trained teachers of all levels of English Learners – beginning through advanced, preschool through adult – since 1998.

To ensure your success, we have created or modified approximately 140 research-grounded strategies that, when used consistently, will raise student achievement. Imagine your students participating in real-world, high level conversations about your grade level or subject area content more quickly, and using academic vocabulary, more quickly and with more proficiency than ever before!

Similarly, we are well-acquainted with the Common Core and the impact it will have on English Learners. We can help your staff become comfortable with the increased rigor of the CCSS by demystifying the language, breaking down new concepts into manageable pieces, and scaffolding of the skills required for student success.

If you would like to take your Bilingual Education instruction to a higher level, with the help of our Bilingual Education Programs contact us.  Our mission is to assist you in helping your Bilingual Education students experience the mastery they’ll need for successful futures.