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The teaching profession is more demanding than ever. Therefore each method we choose for our training sessions has to have a supreme impact on student success in the classroom. This is particularly the case when training teachers to reach English Language Learners (ELL), the fastest growing segment of our student population.

Educational Training Specialists develops its training sessions using gold standard, research-proven methods that are proven to help your district or school raise ELL student achievement.

The strategies your teachers will engage with are based on the latest research from such leaders as Hattie, Beck, Kagan, and Marzano. We’ve taken their work with general education students, blended it with groundbreaking strategies for ELL, and produced engaging, inspiring, and transformative in-person trainings.

Therefore, your teachers will be able to use the methods shared in our training in all English Language Learner contexts, and will all students.  Your teachers will love our training. But don’t just take our word for it:

Quality staff development opportunities for general education teachers in the area of ELL are not always easy to find. After researching several providers, I found Educational Training Specialists out of Arizona. They came to my district over the summer for eight days and trained approximately 650 Pre-K through 12th grade teachers in strategies to help English learners reach the same high academic standards as their general education counterparts. My teachers walked away with strategies they could implement in their classrooms starting on the first day of school. I would recommend and have highly recommended Educational Training Specialists to any district looking for quality staff development to help teachers reach ELLs.”
– Frank Catchings, Ph.D., Director of Federal Programs, Pascagoula School District, Pascagoula MS

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