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Arizona SEI Training Requirements

At Educational Training Specialists, LLC, we want you to be confident when selecting the courses you need to complete your SEI requirements. If you’re confused about which course to take, please refer to the table below:

Certification date Click on a training below to learn more or register:
Certified before 8/31/06: (in AZ or home state with no lapses, or AZ cert currently lapsed less than one year)15 hour Provisional SEI Course
45 hour Completion Course
Certified or certifying 8/31/06 or later, or prior certified whose AZ certificate has lapsed for more than one year45 hour Augmented Provisional Course
45 hour Completion Course

If, after reading this grid, you’re still confused, contact us at 480-502-8250 for assistance. We are happy to help you make sense of the SEI training requirements in Arizona.

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