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**All of our Arizona Structured English Immersion (SEI) courses are Arizona State Board-approved.**
The requirements have changed so that teachers need a single SEI course, referred to as the 45 Hour SEI Completion course or the Full Structured English Immersion endorsement course. They are the same! We call ours the “Completion Course”, and offer the Completion SEI endorsement course in person and the Completion course online.

At Educational Training Specialists, we want you to feel successful teaching ELLs and all students. Every strategy we share is research-proven, and is effective for teaching English Learners (ELLs) and all students. Interactive and fun, you’ll jump right in the middle of the action in our workshops, learning how and when to implement everything you’ve just learned. We want you to meet new people, share your thoughts, and help Arizona students think critically. Can you tell we’re passionate about what we do?

Praise for our in-person course: “I echo the many testimonials I’ve read (prior to taking this course) when I say how amazing this ‘one-of-a-kind’ class is. The training model far exceeds any traditional class I’ve researched and/or experienced. Aside from the dynamic trainer who so brilliantly led us, I will never forget the abundance of personalities in the field that made each day fly by.” Sandra Aros, Tolleson Schools

Praise for our online SEI class: “Don’t stop sharing strategies! They are so helpful and illustrate key points so well. My only other experience was with a traditional online class at a major university. There is no comparison in terms of what I have gained. Your course is so hands-on and practical. I can use what you presented. The other SEI endorsement course was a slow struggle through theory and report writing and responding to classmates’ personal experiences (not much strategy sharing, as we did in your class). For this class, I had wanted to do an SEI workshop as workshops are usually practical and hands-on but couldn’t manage the timing. Your course is remarkably ‘workshop like’….thanks for that!” Sandra Laidlaw

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