Customized Staff Development

Why Consider Customized Teacher Staff Development?

There are legions of companies that offer teacher professional development. In order for staff development to be effective, it must be in line with –

a) Your district’s goals and professional development plan; and

b) What your teachers feel is what they need to be successful

With limited funds available to schools and districts, effectiveness is key to seeing change and meeting the goals of your professional development plan.

At Educational Training Specialists, LLC, our goal is to offer highly effective teacher professional development to your teachers. Nearly 30% of all the requests we get are for customized staff development. That’s why we’ve developed an option offering customized staff development to help them meet your goals or respond to your teachers’ needs.  That way, you can receive training that fits your needs, and works within your budget.

Not sure which topics might be best for your staff? Here are some of the ways we can help you uncover your needs:

  • Using our expert educational consultants as an ‘extra set of unbiased eyes’ to uncover reasons for low student achievement
  • Interviewing administration to understand which staff development topics will provide the most impact on student achievement
  • Using data analysis to pinpoint areas which need focused attention
  • Modifying – adding to or combining – our existing staff development workshops to focus specifically on topics relevant to their school or district goals
  • Surveying teachers to understand areas about which they would like more knowledge or assistance

Need a Customized Staff Development Plan?

Contact us today by calling 602-670-2745 or by using our quick contact form to discuss how we can create effective customized teacher staff development that addresses your school’s or district’s student achievement goals. Alternatively, please complete the form on the right for a quick reply.