From Massachusetts? Need Your SEI / ELL PDPs?

In January, 2017, Educational Training Specialists was approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide teachers with 15 hours of SEI ELL PDPs for recertification.

We have been working with teachers on better ways to reach their English Language Learners since 2000. We have trained more than 12,000 teachers nationwide with more than 1,600 glowing testimonials about how these strategies simplified their lives and impacted their ELL (and all!) students’ achievement. That is why we do what we do!

We offer our SEI/ELL PDP courses either online or onsite. For teachers who like or need to work on their PDPs on their terms, the 4-week, our well-reviewed 15-hour course is a great option. You’ll learn lots of great research-driven strategies that are practiced with our content, then used (or planned for use) by participants with their own students. The content is presented thematically in a course entitled, “From Many Nations to One.”

On the other hand, if a school has a number of teachers who need their 15 hours of PDPs in SEI/ELL, the interactive onsite training is an excellent choice. Teachers who have taken courses by our excellent, highly-trained presenters rave about how interactive, relevant, and fun they are. Again, each strategy is research-driven, and our content is oh-so-unique! Based in the theme, “Around the World in 15 Hours,” participants learn, practice, and discuss each strategy, noting how to modify it for their own students.

For more information on how we may assist you or your school attain the Professional Development Points in English Language Learners and Sheltered English Immersion, contact us today at 1-800-279-7135. We’ll help you understand why teachers, schools, and districts return to us to get the highest-yield strategies created reflected in the latest research.