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Across the U.S., English Learner students in grades K-12 number nearly 4 million and make up about 10 percent of the public school enrollment.http://thecalifornian.com

If you are a teacher in the United States, particularly in an urban area, you are almost assured to have, or have had, at least one English Language Learner in your classroom. Often with low number of ELLs comes a lack of training in ELL Strategies. In fact, a recent survey of teachers in the United States revealed that the overwhelming majority of teachers feel “Not at all prepared” or “Mostly unprepared” to teach and reach their English Language Learners.

Not understanding how to reach ELLs can result in accelerated teacher burnout and feelings of frustration among teachers. The emphasis on high expectations in terms of test scores without the benefit of ELL strategies may leave an urban educator wondering if a strategic move to the suburbs might be a better bet.

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Teacher of English Learners need to learn about 11 key strategy groups to reach their students, some of which follow:

  1. Lowered Affective Filter
  2. Academic Language/Vocabulary Development
  3. Multiple Modalities
  4. Comprehensible Input
  5. Cooperative Learning/Collaboration
    and more!

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