Teacher Coaching and Teacher Mentoring

We have been providing teacher coaching and teacher mentoring since 1998

Educational Training Specialists, LLC offers teacher coaching and teacher mentoring to assist teachers in being their very best. Research shows that teachers who have been coached in their classroom teaching have higher success rates with their students, experience higher job satisfaction, and stay in teaching longer than those who have not.

Our proprietary coaching system consists of five steps that we have found have been the keys to experiencing a true shift in a teacher’s practice.  Teachers will become energized as they learn to use the research-based strategies we help them to learn to use.  Certified staff who have experienced teacher coaching with us can then learn to coach other teachers – a cycle that implements true change in the school or district in which they teach.

Our teacher mentoring system helps teachers get a great start – from the beginning.  The first and second years of teaching can be frustrating experiences for those entering the field.  Helping teachers get started right with teacher mentoring helps to foster a desire to stay in the field longer, thereby reducing costs by slowing teacher attrition.

Invest in your teachers today by providing these valuable services in your school or district.

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