ELL Consultant

ELL Consultant for schools and districts

ELL Consultant - Educational Training SpecialistsNeed expert assistance from an outside source? Educational Training Specialists offers an ELL Consultant program that includes ELL program consulting, training for teachers of English Learners with followup teacher coaching, and teacher mentoring, and ELL audit preparation.

Educational Training Specialists, LLC has the resources to provide many different types of consulting and other educational services to districts and schools to help them achieve their goals, resolve current issues, or to be proactive in addressing situations that may need attention to prevent them from becoming an issue in the future.

Additionally our ELL consultant can assist with Office for Civil Rights complaint resolution. Click on any of the links below to find out more.

How it works:
1. We offer a complimentary consultation to pinpoint the issues facing your LEA.
2. Based on the identified needs or issues at your district or school, we then formulate a plan based on the provided information. The plan includes the recommendations by the ELL Consultant. This might include research-proven strategies teacher training, teacher coaching and teacher mentoring, administrator training, program review with suggestions for improvement, and more.
3. Now the work of creating an optimal learning environment for English Learners begins! We perform each service related to our mutually agreed upon outcome.

Our ELL Consultant rates are reasonable, especially given the amount of experience – 26 years – that we bring to the table. The total package that we offer is unmatched in our field. More important? We love what we do, and it shows. We strongly want you to succeed and we will do our best to make it happen! Your staff will notice the difference, too.

Contact us today to arrange a time for your complimentary consultation.