Online SEI Course in Arizona

Online SEI Course in Arizona


Take the open-entry, open-exit online SEI course that imparts 50+ research-proven strategies to use with ELLs and all students! See description below for more information.

Cost is $375, and can be split into 3 payments by calling 602-670-2745.

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Choose our State Board-approved Educational Training Specialists for your 45 Hour online SEI course for the strategies, for the convenience, and because you really WILL enjoy it!

Our SEI online course has gotten rave reviews because it’s useful, interactive, and enjoyable! You’ll learn 50+ research-proven strategies that can be used with ELLs and all students.

Features of our 45-Hour Online SEI Course:

  • More than 50 research-proven strategies to download, practice, and use immediately with English Learners and all students.
  • A complete understanding of the process of Second Language Acquisition to help you easily transform your current learning environment into one which fosters understanding and attainment of English
  • Interaction and feedback from an expert instructor to let you know you’re on the right track every step of the way
  • Interesting information about the cultures of the students we serve
  • The confidence that only comes from being well-trained to meet the needs of English Learners (and other divergent learners)
  • All housed in the most user-friendly online environment we’ve ever seen!

Satisfaction guarantee: If, after the 4th completed assignment, you find the SEI online course is not the way you want to take the class, please contact us and we will place you into one of our in-person SEI Completion courses without additional charge.

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PAY IN FULL – $375, SPLIT PAYMENT – $188 X 2

6 reviews for Online SEI Course in Arizona

  1. This course is everything that it promises to be. I enjoyed being able to work quickly in the comfort of my own home and fit these lessons in when it was most convenient for my family. The instructor was quick to communicate and evaluate. The strategies given are top notch and ready to use in the classroom.

  2. I found this course to be the right length and full of useful information! I enjoyed the different activities and the flexibility I had to complete this course.

  3. If you are thinking of taking an on line SEI class this is the one! This class is for someone who wants to finish quickly in the comfort of their own house or room. I learned so much to better my teaching of ELL students.

  4. I needed to take a 45-hour SEI course and wanted to complete it during the summer, but as a mom I didn’t want to give up two precious weekends with my family to go sit in class. This online course was a PERFECT fit for me! I gained so much insight into how to be a more effective teacher for English Language Learners, but the best part was that the strategies taught are tried and true practices which benefit ALL kinds of learners. Each lesson was concise, and the content delivery varied between reading, infographics and videos to keep it from being mundane. I would highly recommend this to anyone preferring the flexibility of online learning. A+++!

  5. SEI Online Training with Educational Training Specialists allowed me to work at my own pace, deeply understanding each topic with clear instruction, video and graphic representations of concepts, practice, and immediate feedback. I would recommend this SEI training program to teachers who are new to the field, and significantly, to those with several years of experience. The tools and information provided clearly validate our practice.

  6. Educational Training Specialists’ SEI course allows teachers to learn more about English Language Learners at their own pace. It is a manageable course what relates well to most classrooms and provides strategies on how to work with students who may have difficulties.

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