Using Comprehensible Input with ELLs

As a teacher coach and mentor, often brought in to help teachers better reach their ELL students, I have seen some great teaching. Often, however, I can help these teachers become superstars by introducing strategies that illustrate the importance of using comprehensible input - making oneself and one's content understandable to his or her English [...]

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Comprehensible Input: What it is – and isn’t

Why Comprehensible Input is All It's Cracked Up to Be The year was 1993, and I'd just been hired to do a Spanish Immersion in Okinawa, Japan. While I was excited to be moving from chilly Chinhae, South Korea to the much warmer climate of Oki, secretly I was terrified. I had no idea how [...]

Educational Training Specialists Offers Popular English Language Learner Teacher Training Nationwide

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