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Educational Training Specialists, LLC is a prominent provider of teacher professional development, English Learner teacher training, and customized staff development for teachers in the United States. Additionally we provide educational consulting to English Language Learner programs, as well as teacher coaching and teacher mentoring.  We are the leading private provider of SEI training in Arizona. We even offer our Completion 45 Hours Online!

Our passion is to help teachers acquire Common Core-aligned, research-proven strategies that will help their students succeed. We believe in the power of teachers to change the lives of their students, and we want to give them tools they can use to do just that. Read below to learn more about what we can do for your school or district!

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Teacher Professional Development

Teacher professional development is vital to a teacher’s success. With changes in standards, shifting demographics, and the wide variety of learners within a single classroom, teachers need to be equipped to teach every student that walks through their door. Our outstanding teacher professional development is taught by passionate master teachers, so it’s no surprise that our teacher professional development instructors consistently receive 5/5 on their evaluations. We offer more than 25 staff development workshops.  Click to learn more about how to discover the ‘wow’ factor in teacher professional development.


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English Learner Teacher Training

English Learner Teacher Training is possibly the most critical training that a teacher will receive in his or her career. Yet, when asked in one recent study, the overwhelming number of teachers reported that they felt ‘somewhat’ or ‘not at all’ prepared to teach English Learners. When data is disaggregated, most often the Limited English Proficient subgroup lags far behind their non-LEP peers. If teachers are unprepared to teach their English Learners, the students will never catch up. We can help. Our outstanding English Learner Teacher Training trains educators precisely how to reach these students and improve their student achievement. Interested in seeing your English Learners succeed? Click to learn more.


Our highly rated AZ SEI training models many cooperative learning structures to use with all students

SEI Training (AZ)

When is SEI Training more than a requirement that must be met in Arizona? When it’s given by Educational Training Specialists! We deliver the 45 Hour SEI Completion course and the 45 Hour Online Completion course with a polished curriculum, expert instruction, and the highest level of professionalism – wrapped in laughter and fun. Teachers learn up to 70 research-based strategies for reaching English Learners in our SEI classes. In turn, they report that they now possess the confidence to help English Learners achieve. Want to take your SEI course from the company that has more than 1,600 testimonials from your peers? Click below to learn more and sign up today!


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Teacher Coaching Teacher Mentoring

Need expert assistance from an outside source? We can help! We offer assistance with teacher induction training, customized staff development, training for teachers of English Learners with followup teacher coaching, and much more. Let us be the extra set of eyes and hands you need for your English Learner staff development project. Let us help you create teacher professional development that affects student achievement. Click below to learn more.





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