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Teacher Professional Development

Educational Training Specialists offers our Teacher Professional Development in three ways - in-distrist/school, online, and at locations that can be attended by any pre-service or certified teacher or administrator. If you have further questions about our offerings, or would like to make payments for our online and location-based courses, contact us now at 602-670-2745 .
45-Hour SEI Classes AZ - Teacher Training

Take the 45-Hour SEI Classes AZ Loves

We are excited to announce our new course in Chandler, February 25-26 and March 18-19, 2017! See below for a more ...
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Online SEI Course in Arizona

Take the open-entry, open-exit online SEI course that imparts 50+ research-proven strategies to use with ELLs and all students! See ...
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ELL Strategies Online Course - Teacher Training

ELL Strategies Online Course

Learn how to really work with English Language Learners using research-proven strategies in our ELL Strategies Online Course offered by ...
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ell strategies, strategies for teaching ells, how do i teach ELLs

Intro to Teaching English Learners

Two day training for teachers of ELLs covers theory of second language acquisition and strategies that work to help teachers ...
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increasing student engagement, how to increase student engagement, professional development student engagement

Managing Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Learning increases student engagement, which in turn raises student achievement. In this course, teachers will learn strategies, management, and ...
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teaching ADD ADHD ODD Autism spectrum

Managing Challenging Behaviors

Managing students who have ADD, ADHD, ODD, and Autism spectrum positively is critical to teacher and student success. Teachers will ...
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advanced english language learner strategies essa

Advanced ELL Strategies

Teachers will take learning to the next level for English Language Learners under ESSA. Includes academic vocabulary and reading comprehension ...
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Training4Teachers - 45 Hour Completion Course

Assessment: What, Why, and How

Understanding the when, why, and how of student assessment is critical ...
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Words about our Teacher Professional Development

Training4Teachers – Teacher Training

Stacie Chittester

45 Hour Online SEI Course
"This was a wonderful online teachers professional development course. I generally prefer to attend class but due to my schedule this was not possible. I was pleased with the content and the tools provided. The class was set up for us to do learning activities using the tools provided for our ELL students. What a great idea to help us see firsthand how much they help and support learning."
Training4Teachers – SEI Online Class

Judi Sickel

Online SEI Class
"I loved this course! Educational Training Specialists is the best. I researched quite few and am happy I took this course. I have been teaching for 30 years and have a bachelors and two masters so I have taken a lot of classes. This is one of the most practical courses I have ever taken. It has helped me to understand the needs of my English Learners more than any class I have taken, and I am already using the course content in my planning. It was amazing!"
Training4Teachers – ELL Online Course

Debbie McCauley, Dothan, Alabama

ELL Online Class
“This was the best course I’ve ever taken in my life, as it relates to strategies and skills necessary to help ELLs to understand and become proficient in English. I now understand what it means to truly teach ELL students. I feel like this course has empowered me to better help ELL students no matter what his/her status is in acquiring the English language.”
Training4Teachers – Professional Development Course

Patrick Bass, Camelback High School, Phoenix, Arizona

Professional Development Courses
“An invaluable teachers professional development course. Such a wealth of practices—practices that are congruent with education today! Thrilled to return to the classroom with more tools on the tool belt!”
Training4Teachers – 45 Hour Completion Course

Christine Hares, Odyssey Preparatory Academy

45-Hour SEI Course
“Even after 15 years of teaching and lots of great professional development, I learned so many useful, fun and engaging activities. I can’t wait to use them In my classroom! The activities bring a hands-on approach to higher level thinking which will definitely help in implementing common core standards and helping all students achieve success.”

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